Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You Can Teach a Stuffed Dog New Tricks

Sept 19, 2009 This is the conversation at my dinner table:

Andrew: that dog next door is a BAD dog because he chewed up my umbrella

Mommy: no, he's not a bad dog; he just needs to be trained

Andrew: I know, Zachary can do it because he trained Lenny (his stuffed dog)

Zachary: Yeah, mom. When I tell him to sit, he does!

Mommy: um.... well that's not quite the same thing.

Andrew: that's right mom, Lenny is a good dog!

Mommy: well, yes, but....

Zachary: I know! Lenny can just show him how to be a good dog!Zachary: I know; Lenny can teach him how to be a good dog.

Case closed. J

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